Strawberry Fields For… a Brief Time

In our garden, we have a pretty wild strawberry patch, and by wild I mean it's hard to weed amongst strawberry plants so we just sort of let the strawberries do what they will. Hazel found it endlessly entertaining to cry "Bewwwies!!" and then run in and pick and eat as many as she could. [...]


A Little Sniff of the Weekend

We had a nice chill weekend, Justin and I had a date night Friday and my sister and her husband came over to Hazel-sit ( thanks squirtie) I picked up some good movie junk food for them and when we got home they hadn't even opened the Doritios?!! I feel like I don't even know them [...]

5 Really Good Things

Some really good things from this past weekend: Frothing- Justin got to put the new boat in the water this weekend and go fishing - he gets SO excited about fishing I have named his hunting/fishing excitement "frothing" because he gets so wound up leading up to going that he is honestly just frothing with [...]


Easter is one of my favourite holidays because you get to dress up. I've always liked getting dressed up for church on Easter Sunday even though when I was a kid my Mom and I didn't always see eye to eye on my outfits! This Easter my sister made mini-egg chocolate chip cookies - that's [...]