12 Things on The First Two Weeks with Two Kids

It's been two weeks since Grey Robert Thomas Walsh joined us, twelve thoughts from the first two weeks with two kids.


Hazel’s Big Girl Room

We made the move into Hazel's big girl room last month and I think Hazel's dedicated Pinterest time really paid off ūüôā Hazel's bed is from Ikea and we painted it gold, we're sort of cheating by turning it backward¬†so she can't just roam freely but I got the idea from my friend Jaz and … Continue reading Hazel’s Big Girl Room

Present Over Perfect in Real Life

    I recently read ( well listened to the audio novel) Present Over Perfect by¬†Shauna Niequist and really liked it. The audio is read by the author and she has a really great voice -soothing yet just authoritative¬†enough. It's all about making small changes in your life to be less consumed by all the … Continue reading Present Over Perfect in Real Life