My Not so Little Girl

My nephew Ryan turned one today! It is honestly crazy how much faster time goes by once you have kids. I’m not sure if it’s because so much changes form week to week  or I’m just a lot busier keeping up with Hazel but either way the last year and a bit has flown by…

My Last Day Off

I have been off on maternity leave for a year now. Today is my very last day home with Hazel

Fall Fun

Since it will be freezing out before we know it ( and I’ll be back to work) I’ve been trying to get outside as much as I can and enjoy this weather while it lasts. Hazel is working on standing on her own a lot right now so the grass and leaves is a nicer place…

Fall Strolling

Summer has hung on longer than normal which has been a dream because I just don’t like being cold! But this week we had some real fall weather which is my favorite. We went for a hike on the trails near our house on Sunday and Hazel got to ride in her hiking backpack that we got…

Our Last Boat Ride of 2016

My husband Justin is an avid ( avid being an understatement) fisherman! We spent our labour day weekend taking Hazel out for her first and last ride on the fishing boat, The Walsheye. The Walsheye is now helping someone else’s husband spend his weekends in the pursuit of pickerel and we are on the look…

Marketing…By Jesse J

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Design…By Jesse J

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