Our Thoughts On The Kitchen Helper

Hazel got a Kitchen Helper for her birthday from her grandparents and I've been getting a lot of questions¬†about it on Insta so I thought I'd do a little Jesse & Hazel review for anyone curious. I first saw the Kitchen Helper on Instagram ( where everything good starts) and was really curious about it. … Continue reading Our Thoughts On The Kitchen Helper


International Day Of The Girl

Today is the International Day Of The Girl, a day which aims to highlight and address the challenges girls face while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. Did you know that of all the people on the planet girls under 18 are the ones most often denied their human rights? I am a big believer that by changing this we can change the world!

A Fair To Remember

We took Hazel to the Norfolk County Fair today. We got pogos and I thought I'd split mine with Hazel because she wouldn't eat much of it anyway. I was both proud and horrified when after one bite she pointed to her stroller stray and said " Pogo here Mama" to indicate the sharing phase of our meal had come to an end and she'd be taking it from here.