5 Really Good Things

Some really good things from this past weekend: Frothing- Justin got to put the new boat in the water this weekend and go fishing - he gets SO excited about fishing I have named his hunting/fishing excitement "frothing" because he gets so wound up leading up to going that he is honestly just frothing with [...]


Easter is one of my favourite holidays because you get to dress up. I've always liked getting dressed up for church on Easter Sunday even though when I was a kid my Mom and I didn't always see eye to eye on my outfits! This Easter my sister made mini-egg chocolate chip cookies - that's [...]

The Three Best Things

I really like being a Mom. Lately I've been noticing there's sort of a trend to focus on the negatives of mother hood, it seems like the majority of what I see on social media are posts about the not fun, super hard, exhausting parts of motherhood. And don't get me wrong, I have those [...]