Hi, My name is Jesse Walsh.

I’m 31 years old and work in marketing

I’m a digital marketing specialist, living in the golden age of social media marketing so I share strategies and tips and tricks on how to create engaging brand identities and other cool marketing related info here. After hours, I am married to my best friend Justin and we live with our daughter Hazel – the coolest one year old in the world in Norfolk County, Ontario. Hazel’s style is no joke so it’s featured here a lot!

.I work for a mobile photography app company and do freelance marketing and design work as well. I love new technology but also still talk on the phone to my best friend at least an hour a day so I’ve got a lot to say… I love fashion, beauty, photography and food so my goal for this site is to share cool insights into¬†all of these.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting!

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