Hazey By The Bay 

I can’t believe summer is ending! I love Fall but Canadian Fall, it’s so fickle it could last two months, it could last two weeks, no one knows so I always feel like the end of summer requires serious observation and savouring.

We went to a little festival by the lake in Port Rowan yesterday and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hazel gets a personal invitation next year from the organizers because she was a hit! Single handedly entertaining the crowds! She danced, she posed, she greeted the crowds like a seasoned performer it was hilarious!

They had some bouncy castles and I didn’t think Hazel would like them much because she had to go in alone but she was obsessed! She must have played in there for 30 minutes, just all ” forward my mail here Mom, I’m good” 

Since we were there leaning on the edge of the castle beside the ride operator for so long I attempted some friendly conversation “have you ever leaned too far and fallen in? Hehe” she stared at me blankly for a full minute and then replied “nope” and then looked away. So.. like I said Hazel was a huge hit. 


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