First Family Camping Trip

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We decided last minute to go camping in Long Point this weekend. We wanted to go somewhere close by to see how camping would go with Hazel, and Long Point was close enough that we could head home if the weather was too bad. When we first arrived I was so glad we had decided to test out camping with a toddler because Hazel loved being at the camp site! She found a little flag and kept running up and down the sand dunes; sticking it in and yelling TA-DA! She was really in her wildling element.

Not long after we got all set up, a huge storm rolled in and we had to hide out in the truck so we spent the first 40 minutes of our adventure watching Paw Patrol in the truck. Luckily Hazel loves sitting in the driver seat and faux driving so she didn’t mind too much.

After the storm passed, we went down to the beach and had it all to ourselves, so we ran around and watched the sunset. After we went to bed we got the craziest storm! The lightning was lighting up our entire tent so it was Hazey’s latest night in a while, eventually, she passed out murmuring; ” pawwww patrol” sprawled across my face.

Our campsite was just a few minutes walk from the beach so we spent most of our time there, Hazel was trying her hardest to catch sea gulls with a butterfly net and I remembered why the Long Point beach is my favourite – the sand is so soft there.

It was a lot of work to go for just one night – basically camping for one night is the same amount of packing effort as camping for 4 nights but I’m glad we did it. It was nice to have two whole days with nothing else to do but hang out together.  Lately, Hazel will run up to me very excitedly, grab my hand and say ” Come on Mommy!” and then takes me on random walks to nowhere and this weekend I just went with her for as long as she wanted and it was so good – I hope I am always her best friend. I also taught her to run up to me and yell BESTIES! which she won’t do for Justin so the whole weekend was worth it for just that 😉


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