Ice Cream Inspiration & Skinny Dipping

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A few weeks ago we took Hazel to get her first ice cream cone at the beach in Turkey Point.  It was such a struggle! The shop we wanted to go was closed and then the next place only had 3 flavours ( 3?!?) so we ended up in a shop behind a family of seven, so five kids picking their individual toppings and if you’ve ever wanted some great ice cream topping inspiration -five kids under 12 will provide it! If you’re looking for a quick in and out experience – they will not provide that. It wasn’t a bad wait though, Hazel and I were straight up mesmerized watching their crazily topped sundaes come out.

Foolishly, I decided Hazel and I would split a cone of birthday cake ice cream but I made two mistakes:

1. I didn’t think she would be able to eat much of it                                                                     2. I forgot how delicious birthday cake ice cream is

As you can see from these pictures, after one bite I could not pry that cone from her pudgy little fingers for my life. Occasionally I would sneak in a lick, strictly to try and keep it together and structurally sound, and Hazel would scream in such distress that Justin would look away as though he didn’t know the monster literally taking candy from a baby lol ( Tip: when being judged by strangers just act super casual)

After the cone, Hazel had to do a little skinny dipping to clean up before the drive home. That’s one of my favourite things about the beach is that when you’re done you can just dip in and wash everything away!


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