Strawberry Fields For… a Brief Time


In our garden, we have a pretty wild strawberry patch, and by wild I mean it’s hard to weed amongst strawberry plants so we just sort of let the strawberries do what they will. Hazel found it endlessly entertaining to cry “Bewwwies!!” and then run in and pick and eat as many as she could. A couple of times I got her to actually pick some and put them in a bag but as soon as she received her high five she would grab it back out to gobble up.

Now that the strawberries are done she will occasionally go out and shrug her shoulders at me and say “no bewwies?”  and then move on. Like both her Father and I, she is most interested in activities that have an edible component.

It cracks me up how fast Hazel can switch her interest onto something new. The other day she was pretty dismayed at the lack of strawberries for her to hunt for, but then she found a kleenex in my pocket and spent the next 20 minutes artfully shredding it into little pieces and sticking them into the bark of a tree. I wish I had taken a picture of it, it was quite the abstract masterpiece.




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