A Time of Like, Realizing Things

IMG_3247IMG_3253IMG_3259IMG_3262IMG_3264IMG_3278IMG_3285IMG_3293IMG_3298IMG_3300IMG_3318IMG_3322IMG_3324Sorry for the lag in posting – I have been busy! Which I hate to say because I always feel that it’s such a drag when you’re talking to someone about their lives and all they do is lament how busy they are – because seriously, everyone is busy. No matter how busy you think you are, I guarantee you could turn around and bump into someone busier than you. Or at least someone who perceives themselves to be busier which is really the same thing.

So the last couple weeks I’ve been quite busy and I was letting it stress me out a bit so I did what I always do when I feel a little overwhelmed, I made some lists. Ahh lists, there’s something so calming about having all the things you’ll probably never get done listed out in a neat order. Once I had everything listed out and was reading through them I realized that almost all the things I had to do were actually awesome things to be doing!

I realized that when you really think about it unless you’re busy say having cavities filled, it’s actually really lucky to be busy- your life is so full! Someone once told me that replacing the words ” I have to” with the words “I get to” can change your life and it’s so true! This weekend I got to take Hazel to her last swimming lesson ( in matching jean jackets no less ) and go to my nephew’s fourth birthday party ( Transformers themed, confetti cupcakes) and it was busy full and it was great!


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