A Little Sniff of the Weekend


We had a nice chill weekend, Justin and I had a date night Friday and my sister and her husband came over to Hazel-sit ( thanks squirtie) I picked up some good movie junk food for them and when we got home they hadn’t even opened the Doritios?!! I feel like I don’t even know them anymore.

Hazel takes swimming lessons on Saturday morning with some of her her little friends and she is really starting to get the hang of the whole kicking -to- move thing, but always seems to completely stop doing what she’s doing when the instructor swims by us! She loves to blow bubbles in the bath now though because of it and always wants me to lean in and blow them with her. This turns bath time into a bit of an intense ab workout but it’s worth it because she thinks my blowing bubbles is ridiculously funny!

We caught her exaggerated flower smelling on camera this week! It makes me laugh just looking at these pictures, because she gets her face all scrunched up in smelling position at least 2 feet before the flowers and then just creeps in to them fully inhaling sooo loudly the whole way in.

Also, as you can see  made a subtle change to my hair last week! haha I have always flipped back and forth between hair colours and have been really blonde before but I think this is my favourite! I was really feeling like a big change. It seems to have the Hazel seal of approval as well because she spent a lot of time playing with my hair and rubbing it in her face this weekend which I take as quite a compliment.

We also did a little planning for our trip to Victoria, B.C. in the fall. I honestly love planning it gets me so excited to go. Even if we don’t do all I have planned it’s just nice to have a lovely little list of adventures. I’ve recently started using Google Keep on my phone and laptop for all my planning and lists and I highly recommend it if you are a list lover. One thing we’re doing for sure is going whale watching – it’s definitely on my bucket list!

Things To Do List: Make Bucket List 😉


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