5 Really Good Things

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Some really good things from this past weekend:

  1. Frothing- Justin got to put the new boat in the water this weekend and go fishing – he gets SO excited about fishing I have named his hunting/fishing excitement “frothing” because he gets so wound up leading up to going that he is honestly just frothing with excitement- he literally ran out the door to meet his Dad and go on Sunday
  2.  Naps – Hazel has never been a great napper. She’s been mainly sleeping through the night since she was 7ish months old but naps have always been a struggle for my little muggle. She naps on average 30-40 minutes and then is up and wanting to get back to business. But this past week she has been napping close to two hours a day! It’s amazing, I think she is so busy and active all day that she just can’t resist the nap anymore. If you’re a new Mom and you’ve ever wondered how other Moms are getting so much done – baking cakes and crafting and generally being put together let me just tell you, it’s nap time. If you have a child who naps you can get so much more done – so if you don’t have a napper just don’t look at those Mom’s online – at all. LOL but just know it’s never too late to join the elusive nappers club, it’s only taken Hazel 16 months to get on board with it.
  3. Flowers – now that flowers are all out blooming everywhere Hazel has fallen in love with them.  She loves to stick her face into them and “sniiiiiiifff” the deepest most exaggerated sniff you can imagine and then she slaps her hands to her cheeks in the Home Alone expression and squeals with delight at her very grown up behavior after which she likes to try and crush the blooms in her hands as she does with all things she truly loves.
  4. More Words- Hazel has started putting words together and it’s the cutest! She will say ” Hi Mama” ” Hi Dadden” and “more please” (more please is most frequent and typically follows “MORE!”) but her little voice is so sweet and it cracks me up to hear such complete thoughts coming out of such a tiny little creature.
  5. Monday Morning- this morning I woke up on my own, before my alarm and felt amazing, so rested! (it caught me off guard for a second haha) I think it’s related to the fact that it’s so much brighter in the mornings now, that and the naps, the naps are for sure partially responsible 🙂

Have a good Monday!


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