Easter is one of my favourite holidays because you get to dress up. I’ve always liked getting dressed up for church on Easter Sunday even though when I was a kid my Mom and I didn’t always see eye to eye on my outfits!

This Easter my sister made mini-egg chocolate chip cookies – that’s really a blog post in itself right there. What more value could I give to you reading this other than to share the existence of such a cookie unicorn?

Aside from the cookies ( which were really good – top 5 of life good), my nephews were down for the day and I love any day where I get to watch the three cousins together. It cracks me up to watch them interacting with each other when they don’t have any grown-ups interfering. The oldest, Paul is so sweet and good at showing Hazel and Ryan the ins and outs of his favourite toys at Grandma’s house, but once the egg hunt began it was every man for themselves!

Did anyone get one of the infamous Oreo eggs? I’ve been seeing them around online and am currently on the look out for one… for Hazel of course 😉


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