The Perks of Being Late

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We went into town Friday morning to go to an Easter egg hunt, but we were running late and I wasn’t really feeling up to being that late mom at the hunt even though it is my destiny because I live my life just a sliver of time away from being late always. So we decided to just go for a walk in town because it was such a nice morning and we ended up stumbling upon this beautiful old house that had the most gorgeous front lawn that was completely covered in these tiny little periwinkle flowers that I have never noticed before. Naturally we had to creep up on it and see what it was all about. (Pro-creeping tip: when creeping it is imperative to creep with confidence and authority so that if onlookers see you mid creep it appears as though you belong there) We found out that it was a B&B that also sold antiques and Hazel really loved checking out and very carefully picking me dozens of little flowers.

Afterward we hung out in the backyard and intermittently did some spring cleaning outside. I had a blanket spread out for Hazel in the yard and found her straight-up basking in the sunshine like a tiny little iguana on a rock. ( If you’ve ever seen an iguana in the sun you know they are always living their best lives just chilling in the sun) I joined her and she snuggled right up to me for a few awesome minutes which was so great because she is really on the move these days so I really savour those snuggles when they come.

P.S Leggings over jeans as soon as I’m home


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