March 26 & Park


If the title of this post makes you think of BET and TRL- we are speaking the same language. I LOVED TRL back in the glory days of Carson Daly. Waiting for that new Eve video to drop? LIFE.

Annnyway…we went to one of Hazel’s favourite parks this morning so she could fine tune her solo slide skills ( really coming along). This park gets high marks on our park scale because when you’re as little as Hazel the swing bridge doubles as a trampoline!

When we got home, Hazel took my scarf and was feeeeeling  herself with the pop of colour it added to her outfit. Once the scarf had had it’s moment she went and got her jean jacket and shared her smoothie with me. Hazel’s really into sharing but normally it’s a piece of toast shes been gnawing on so this, combined with her personal fashion show was a dream afternoon!


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