International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women’s Day and everywhere, you can see the stories of amazing women who overcame so much to achieve amazing things that changed the world for everyone – most of these women’s names are only heard on days like today. Women amaze me!

 A few weeks ago my mom and I went to see the movie Hidden Figures which if you haven’t seen it ( you should!) is the story of three women ( Katherine JohnsonMary Jackson & Dorothy Vaughan) who overcame incredible resistance to literally change the world while working for NASA! Without these women America would not have put a man in space and I JUST learned their names in 2017. It was such a good movie, the entire time I watched it I just marveled at the insane obstacles these women had to overcome because of the colour of their skin and the fact that they were women. Yet, no matter what people did to frighten them, to stop them, to make succeeding impossible, they persisted and succeed anyway!

It was even more remarkable to me that each of these women were also Mothers! Which means on top of changing the world at work they were doing literally everything else. Every single one of us is alive today by the strength of a woman! And yet so many of us don’t appreciate our own strength – I know sometimes it can be hard for people to understand why days like today are important or why we have to defend the rights of women in different parts of the world that have nothing to do with us but an attack on the rights of women anywhere is an attack on the rights of women everywhere and any time a woman refuses to be limited, we all rise.

It’s not just the women who have made world changing advancements that amaze me either. Many of my friends have become Mothers and returned to work in the last two years and every day at least one of them amazes me with how hard they work, how much they give of themselves, and how little they ask for in return. They’re killing it at work, going back to school, changing careers, volunteering, being amazing Mothers and wives and don’t even see themselves as amazing. My own family is full of amazing women who succeed in career fields where women are still a rarity, suffered great losses and kept moving and take great risks to stand up for people without the ability to stand up for themselves.

I’ve watched women in my life decide not to settle and make hard, unpopular choices to live their best life, they’ve risked everything to tell the truth and live true to themselves. They’ve traveled, competed,started businesses, moved across the country or the world, spent nights watching their sick babies in hospitals- on their strength alone. I’ve watched women care for their sick relatives and grieve personal losses without ever letting the strain of that impact their children or their spouses. I’ve watched women function on no sleep, with no help and still show up when they were needed.

I’ve always thought the simplest way to change the world for the better was to raise good people. That way, more and more good people would be out in the world doing good and sharing their goodness with others, constantly making the world better. Some days it can be hard to feel positive about the world but when I think of all they amazing women in my life that surround my daughter; her Grandmothers, her Aunts and Great Aunts, my friends, and the women I’ve worked with and the men I know who don’t always get it but keep trying to understand, I know that great things are coming.

Today I am celebrating all the incredible women I know and that’s a lot! Strong women, may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them!


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