Farmer’s Market Runway


We went to London today to check out some boats at a boat show. We’re looking for a new boat for this summer and Justin’s ideal boat was not sounding Jesse-friendly lol but going to see what he’s thinking of in person has gotten me a lot more excited.. I’m really on board with the idea now! haha #momjoke Anyway… after that we went to the Farmer’s Market which was really neat. Justin and I actually used to live in London and we had never gone to it before, funny how we were less into fresh fruit when we were 22 eh?

It was a great place for one of our main common hobbies though – food! We thought we had done a really thorough investigation of the options before making our selection but once we were done we spotted the most insane looking sandwich that gave us eaters remorse so we will likely be back for that bad boy.

Hazey was just in her glory today strutting down all the aisles in her little fur vest! She is such a ham and was like a tiny little seasoned celebrity waving and blowing kisses at all the people cooing over her cuteness ( I have no idea where she gets this from? ) She has such a confident little strut these days and I think she really gets that people are adoring her now and loves it. She got this vest for Christmas from her West Coast Aunt and Uncle Troy and if there’s any compensation for not seeing them very often it’s definitely the cool clothes.


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