A Golden Family Day Weekend

This long weekend was so good! The weather was crazy beautiful, just like spring in the middle of February, the kind of weather you dream about having for a long weekend but only ever actually get in the middle of a busy week, if ever at all. So, of course we spent as much time outside as we could.

We went for a hike on Saturday and it was out first time going out since Hazel has learned to walk. It was a slower pace when she decided to hike on her own but it was so funny to watch her explore the mud, mossy logs, and little streams. Everything she found she would excitedly show us as though we were all just discovering them for the first time.

She is super into the dogs right now and loves to “walk” them by marching behind them. I try to hold my portion of the leash as discretely as possible so as to not make it seem like I’m hogging any of her responsibilities. 😉

Let’s be serious though, Hazel’s hat is the real star of this post.




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