Park Fries, No Cares

I don't know how it happened, but somehow Justin is already the cooler parent. I can't say I'm surprised. He used to tell me all the time while I was pregnant how he would definitely be the cooler parent. I'm all "Sunscreen! Hats! Organic Quinoa!" and he's over here giving Hazel Happy Meals, chocolate milk, [...]

A Little Sniff of the Weekend

We had a nice chill weekend, Justin and I had a date night Friday and my sister and her husband came over to Hazel-sit ( thanks squirtie) I picked up some good movie junk food for them and when we got home they hadn't even opened the Doritios?!! I feel like I don't even know them [...]

5 Really Good Things

Some really good things from this past weekend: Frothing- Justin got to put the new boat in the water this weekend and go fishing - he gets SO excited about fishing I have named his hunting/fishing excitement "frothing" because he gets so wound up leading up to going that he is honestly just frothing with [...]