Vancouver Island, British Columbia Pt.1

We Walshes went westward last week to my sister in law's wedding on Vancouver Island and it was such a great trip but it almost didn't happen as Hazel came down with the flu two days before our flight. I panicked a little at the thought of her being sick on the plane but like [...]


Hazey By The Bay 

I can't believe summer is ending! I love Fall but Canadian Fall, it's so fickle it could last two months, it could last two weeks, no one knows so I always feel like the end of summer requires serious observation and savouring. We went to a little festival by the lake in Port Rowan yesterday [...]

The Best D.I.Y Dairy Free Iced Coffee

I love iced coffee, dollar drink days used to be my favourite time of the year but recently I have perfected my iced coffee recipe and it's so much easier than all the recipes I have tried to follow off Pinterest before so I thought I'd share! Also, this recipe has been Hazel approved since [...]