Christmas Lights at the Simcoe Panorama

I love Christmas lights! Christmas lights are such a cool thing we do as people because it's really for the joy of other people. If you think about it, sure you want your house to look nicely decorated but really you don't sit outside of your own house and admire the twinkling lights it's more … Continue reading Christmas Lights at the Simcoe Panorama


A Perfectly Wasted Day

I am a do-er, I write a blog so I guess that's sort of obvious but I have been working hard at being more present in the every day - not focusing as much on all the things I should be doing, the never-ending to-do list I've created for myself in my head as much as … Continue reading A Perfectly Wasted Day

Our Thoughts On The Kitchen Helper

Hazel got a Kitchen Helper for her birthday from her grandparents and I've been getting a lot of questions about it on Insta so I thought I'd do a little Jesse & Hazel review for anyone curious. I first saw the Kitchen Helper on Instagram ( where everything good starts) and was really curious about it. … Continue reading Our Thoughts On The Kitchen Helper